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About the Author

After much success with her Trumpet Award-recognized book, "What Every Child Should Know about Prayer: from a Child's Point of View" published author Erica C. Austin is on the literary scene bringing a fresh, innovative perspective and guidance for today's youth generation. Her book for children, published at the age of nine, offers practical and clear-cut strategies for helping youth to develop a personal relationship with God, and reach their highest potential. 

Since publishing her first book at the age of nine, Austin has made it her personal commitment to reach out and inspire young people though education and faith. Austin is an Annenberg Honors Program Fellow, a member of Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society, and graduate of the John H. Johnson School of Communications with a Bachelors of Arts Degree earned with Summa Cum Laude distinction from Howard University in Washington, DC. She continues to compel young people to maximize their potential while utilizing their God-given talents in every aspect of their lives.

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